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Topic: Black Swan Waltz (Tenor Trombone demo)

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    Black Swan Waltz (Tenor Trombone demo)

    This is a demo for tenor trombone (from the VSL download section) with orchestra accompaniment.

    Black Swan Waltz

    Comments are appreciated!


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    Re: Black Swan Waltz (Tenor Trombone demo)

    Thanks guys, not for comments about this piece, since there are none, but for the ones who have posted comments on my past demos. I will not be posting demos on this forum anymore, it's starting to look a bit ridiculous with many views but no comments and this becoming more and more frequent. I think there is a message there, so I won't fight it any longer.



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    Re: Black Swan Waltz (Tenor Trombone demo)

    Don't do it Guy!

    I love your compositions and listen to almost all of them, even if I do not comment on them. I learn a lot from your pieces.

    Don't stop posting here.


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    Re: Black Swan Waltz (Tenor Trombone demo)

    You should definitely keep posting. I didn't receive even one comment on the piece I posted for Halloween, though it had over 100 views. I guess I didn't solicit for comments, but I figure that it's implied (as in: please validate the time I spent creating this!), since anyone else would hope for the same.

    Please don't let it be a deterrent for bringing us more music! I fully intend to continue to post periodically whether I get comments or not, and just take the views as "likes" ala facebook. I figure if anyone has anything negative to say, the will undoubtedly express it. Unless they were raised with the "if you can't say something nice..." as part of their etiquette, in which case, well I... don't know. I'll do my best to learn from their implied constructive criticism, however silent.
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    Re: Black Swan Waltz (Tenor Trombone demo)

    I like this a lot Guy!
    Don't feel bad, I posted my mock up of Meditation from Thais and it has only 58 replies,... 21 of which are mine but there are 4,028 views. I think most people just like to be spectators instead of participants.

    I am guilty of listening but not posting sometimes too,
    and I hope you continue to post your music right here.

    I love what you do and I miss mixing your music.

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