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Topic: sibelius 6.2 crashes vs gpo4

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    sibelius 6.2 crashes vs gpo4

    It is really weird. I use snow leopard with sibelius 6.2 and it works ok. But when I load the gpo4 (the latest version including Aria latest) it crashes. It is a preference configuration problem, because then I most trash some configuration files and plist files and restart everything to reopen any score.

    I also try repairing the hd several times including with onyx but it did not work. I even reinstalled the complete snow leopard system and downloaded several times the garritan to make sure it is well downloaded but the problem persists.

    Can any body help


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    Re: sibelius 6.2 crashes vs gpo4

    Go to the Sibelius forum and post this there. I know there have been a few issues with Snow Leopard, and I do know they are easily solved; I'm just sorry I don't know the exact fix. I think there is a folder that has to be trashed - but the Sib board can give it to you exactly.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: sibelius 6.2 crashes vs gpo4

    OP, did you solve this?

    I'm having the identical problem but haven't been given a solution either from Garritan/Aria or Sibelius.

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    Re: sibelius 6.2 crashes vs gpo4

    Log into your account on garritan.com and get the ARIA Player v1.111 package which also includes the ARIA Engine v1.111. The package can be found under "/My Account/Free Downloads".

    This is the best way to fully update the ARIA Player.
    Max Deland
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