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Topic: JABB causes Logic to hang on quit

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    JABB causes Logic to hang on quit

    Recently, Logic 8.0.2 seems to have trouble quitting if I use the JABB 2.0 plugin. From the sample I get via Activity Monitor, it appears to be hanging in NI::AB::InterfaceAU::SaveState(void const**)

    It's possible this just started since upgrading to OS X 10.6.5, but I hadn't used Logic for a while before that, so it could be a less recent change.

    Is anyone aware of this issue, or have a workaround? It doesn't seem to lose any info if I force quit, but that isn't a satisfactory solution.

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    Re: JABB causes Logic to hang on quit

    Not sure why I neglected to try this sooner, but apparently it quits ok if I close the project in Logic first. Still a little bit annoying, but better than force quitting. I would still be curious if anyone else is seeing this behavior or has any insight.

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