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Topic: Orwellian Cameras (revised)

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    Orwellian Cameras (revised)

    This is an orchestral piece realized via Sonar 8.5 and Garritan Personal Orchestra version 4.0 (aria).

    There are flaws – for one the humanization isn’t as picky as it could be but as usual I have limited time so the result is more or less a sketch. This is a revised version of one released in the summer of 2010.



    Online play and details


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    Re: Orwellian Cameras (revised)

    Your picture of the NYPD cameras add the intensity to this. A very intense theme of impending doom and of future shock. We are being watched. Move carefully! This piece is filled with the for-warning emotion. I enjoyed this very much!
    John B.

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    Re: Orwellian Cameras (revised)

    thank you for the listen and comment!

    I have a video that drives the point a bit further

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