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Topic: 2 RMX/Omni Midi control questions

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    2 RMX/Omni Midi control questions

    Okay, I promise I have searched the forum, the web and the tutorials to get a grip, and I am still baffled, mostly because I feel like I've gotten these things to work in the past and now - not so much. For the record, I'm working in DP 5.12 and RMX 1.7, Omnisphere 1.0.3. So here it is:

    1. I get how easy it is to assign a hardware controller to a parameter and I've done it successfully before; suddenly my system just isn't seeing my hardware for these purpose (I suppose). I can play in notes on the keyboard, just when I use the dropdown menu in RMX or control/click in Omnisphere, moving my faders on my controller doesn't do anything in terms of assignment. So I'm wondering if I've just clicked or hit or changed something accidentally. I've rebooted my system and my controller, to no avail.

    2. I've also been successful in the past (and I know this is probably more a DP question than a Spectrasonics one, but in case it isn't) choosing to insert a drawn midi controller in DP's sequence window, but now, when I go to a midi track that's controlling a channel of Omni or RMX data and look to insert a new controller for say, filter cutoff, none of the categories of controllable parameters show up.

    Any thoughts on either of these subjects would be greatly appreciated, and while I've tried to describe the situation accurately I would be glad to attempt to clarify further if need be.


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    Re: 2 RMX/Omni Midi control questions

    i don't use digital performer, but my guess is that you need to 'enable host automation' for the parameters you'd like to control with hardware. in my host i can't do any automation or hardware control without doing so first.

    another possibility is that remote control is somehow disabled for your controller. again, in my host i have to specifically enable remote control (in midi preferences) for any controller from which i want to receive cc's.

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    Re: 2 RMX/Omni Midi control questions

    Okay, thanks for the tips - I'll see what I can dig up along those lines specific to DP. At least now I know where to look!

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