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Topic: Ruby Piano3D, the hybrid modeling piano, my impressions

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    Ruby Piano3D, the hybrid modeling piano, my impressions

    Just brought Ruby Piano3D several days ago and I finish both downloading and installing less than 20 minutes. This is a nature advantage for modeling pianos. The loading is also “light speed” and I believe this is an obvious reason that why some people do not like large sampled pianos now.

    This piano is one of the first that felt great when I played it, and also it could easily fit the mix, which is in most cases a big problem. The tone is good, the CPU usage is excellent and you even cannot notice that it “consumes” CPU.

    Now to the point: the sound. It sounded clear and realistic, with enough velocity levels for expressive playing and a richness in the sound that was authentic to my ears. Sympathetic resonance is amazing, it adds beautiful harmony to the sound, which makes the transition between notes smoother and “reminds” you this is a real instrument and it is “live”. Also while playing you can almost feel the weight of the keys, thus I am very easy to get a great feel about it. Probably a matter of personal taste, it even beaten all the modeling pianos I tried in the past, Pianoteq, Truepianos and etc. And I dare to compare it with my ivory pianos and it is hard for me to judge which one sounds better.

    There are also many adjustable parameters which influence the sound. It has a decent reverb. And the most useful I found is microphone positions. You can tweak sound much through this way.

    Some minor weak points I found currently
    For a modeling Yamaha piano, the bass in low velocity are not soft enough. Also I am lost in its reverb unit, seems the reverb is quite fit for those crazy engineers, not our musicians.

    In short, this is a hybrid modeling piano sounds great and it is the one that could get me the same feeling when I first shocked by Giga Piano almost 10 years ago.

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    Re: Ruby Piano3D, the hybrid modeling piano, my impressions


    tried it

    Overtones rules, release, are wrong.

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