This is for me, a bit of nostalgia, reminding me of some of the music I heard in the forties and early fifties. I like it more now than I did then, which is why I now and then dream up something in a boogie woogie style, more or less. I considered naming it "Funkey di Molto ma non Troppo" but Maudio Funkley seemed to fit better. The piece is not quite boogie woogie, as much of the time the tempo is 3/4 , although 6/4 would have done as well.

MP3 Audio, using gpo organ:
Maudio Funkley

The score may be viewd at:
Maudio Funkley

but you will need the free Scorch plug in.

The difficulties encountered here will be primarily with tempo. . The mp3 uses gpo organ, the best way to listen.