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Topic: Question about Finale/Sibelius

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    Question about Finale/Sibelius

    with Finale and Sibelius, they both include limited versions of GPO. If I have GPO already, and if I don't care about the other free sounds included with finale and Sibelius, is it ok to not install the sounds that come with them? Will Finale/Sibelous work completely as well with the full version of GPO? the templates open, etc.?
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    Re: Question about Finale/Sibelius

    Yes, you can skip installing the Sibelius Sounds Essential, however you will be missing some sounds. GPO is only orchestral/keyboard - no guitars, for example. Also, as the samples are little less cpu intensive, they are good for some larger scores. I use GPO all the time, and it works very well in Sibelius, but I still to use the sounds that come with GPO. If you have room on your hard drive for them, I'd install them.

    Hope that helps.
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