I recently bought CAMB2 to use it with Finale 2010 but I'm experiencing lots of problems with percussion mappings: several percussions simply don't sound. After some troubleshooting, it looks like that some percussions are mapped one octave lower.

For instance: assuming that for Garritan documentation Middle C = C3 = MIDI note 60 (I haven't found anywhere their convention), according to the PDF, the triangle should be mapped to B5 (MIDI note 95) and C6 (#96) but looking in the CAMB Percussion.xml file provided, the Triangle is mapped to MIDI notes #83 and #84. The gong should be mapped to C3 to F#3 (#60 to #66) but in the CAMB Cymbals.xml file is mapped to #48 to #54. The same for the bass drum.

I haven't checked them all, but I suspect that all percussions are mapped one octave off. Am I missing something?