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Topic: Delay in Omnisphere

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    Delay in Omnisphere


    iMac 27 i7, Snow Leopard, Cubase 5, Fireface 800 (all latest updates)

    Any one get this behavior?

    (OBS. Omnisphere behaves the same way in Garageband)

    I have a live delay - app 1 sec - when playing Omnisphere.

    Things are FINE if I make a fresh track - open Omnisphere - hit PATCH BROWSER - select a sound i.e Glorious Guitars - NO DEALY.... All is fine as long as I stay in PATCH BROWSER


    I hit MULTI BROWSER - select a sound i.e Astra Bells - I get the delay ..... Now if I go back to PATCH BROWSER - the delay is all over the place AND WON'T GO AWAY until I shut down OMNISPHERE and start over again - meaning hit "NO Instrument" and then select Omnisphere again.


    TRILLIAN works fine. However I get this notice

    cannot open Multi /Volumes/LaCie/Omnisphere
    Instruments/STEAM/Trillian/settings Library/Multis/
    User/Synth Bass/default.mlt_trl

    (LaCie being my external harddisk)

    When in the MULTI BROWSER - under Category - I have, as the last category, "Synth Bass" - TYPE is "ALL" and "Bass - Acoustic Bass Guitar."
    Instead of the different sounds it only says DEFAULT. When clicking that, I get the above error massage.

    What am I missing? And what's the above? (all other plug-ins have no live delay)

    I've been in contact with Spectrasonic support suggesting it was in Cubase but Garageband does the same thing. (they should be working on it)
    They haven't come back to me about the Trillian error notice. So while waiting I'm trying here as well.

    Kærlig hilsen, best wishes

    Ulrich Thomsen

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    Re: Delay in Omnisphere

    Have you checked your latency in divice setup in Cubase.

    I have had a few times when messing about with some programs it changed my latency setting
    Some programs played fine with the changed setting but the hungry programs played with delay or latency

    what it did was change over my sound card to the motherboard soundcard and i would need to chage it back to the fast track to get rid of the delay.

    I noted you have a mac so not sure if yours will act the same,

    Good luck


    Gigabyte EP43UD3L. Core2Duo3gighz6MBcatch.ram8gighz DDR21066hz.seagate1500TBHDD Soundcard:M-AUDIO Fasttrack Pro USB. OS windows764bit.Host Cubase5update 5.1.1. Wavelabstudio 6. Hypersonic with modules. Omnisphere. VST sound collection. HALion Sonic VST Workstation upgrade.
    Hardware:dual monitors. controlFreek 16 channel. ART DIGITAL MPA ll preamplifier. Samson CVALVE. BOSS Noise Suppressor. BasePodLine6. BEHRINGER 8channal mixer.NAD AMP. JBL speakers.Instruments: yamahaP80. yamahaSY35. fender strat. washburn acustic guitar, main intrument: yamaha six stringTBR base guitar.

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