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Topic: CDXtract and AKAI cd's (layers, etc) Help!!

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    CDXtract and AKAI cd\'s (layers, etc) Help!!

    I am finding that SConverter is horrifying. I have to constantly reboot because of blue screen crashes, etc, etc, etc. Sometimes I just have to give up on a particular AKAI file.

    When I use CDxtract it does every partition just fine, but I notice the gig files it makes are smaller than the corresponding file that SConv makes. I am wondering if I am losing something in the CDxtravt conversion.

    Also, I read a post buy Chadwick where he was saying that these converters do not translate the AKAI layering scheme and that you have to go through a merging process. I am wondering under what circumstances do I need to go through this process. Does Sconv handle this automatically?

    The cd\'s I am converting are Distorted Reality II.

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    Re: CDXtract and AKAI cd\'s (layers, etc) Help!!

    Bhuether, thats weird! I converted Distorted Reality 2 and Symphony of Voices just fine with S-Converter. Sounds like something strange to me if your computer keeps crashing when just converting.

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    Re: CDXtract and AKAI cd\'s (layers, etc) Help!!

    What version of Gigastudio are you using, and exactly what sequence of steps do you go through? I am using Gigastudio 160 v2.01.26.

    Also, do you have your cd-rom drive set up in any special way?


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    Re: CDXtract and AKAI cd\'s (layers, etc) Help!!

    I use Giga 96 and downloaded the latest version off Nemesys website, 2.20.42
    I just install the CD and open up Giga and it should automatically \"read partition\" and show the files of the akai library on the bottom of the port one screen on the left side.
    Right click on a file on the left side and \'convert to gig\', it will then ask you where you want to put it, so make sure you have a file already named for the sounds you are going to store. Click on that file wherever it is (C drive, or D drive depending on where you put your gig files) to open it, then it should automatically start converting.
    Then right click on the next file on the bottom part of the port one screen on the left side and select \'convert to gig\' and keep doing this till you\'re done with all of your akai files.
    My CD drive isn\'t set up in any special way.
    Hope that helps.
    If not, something maybe set wrong in your S-Converter section in Giga.

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