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Topic: COMB 2 "Fatal Error"

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    COMB 2 "Fatal Error"

    I recently downloaded the COMB2 upgrade... having issues getting it to work in Sibelius 6.2

    When I open up Sibelius and go to Play>Play Devices I see Aria Player listed under Available Devices as a VST and an AU. I'll then activate Aria so that it appears on the Active Device list. When I click though on the Sound Set tag I get; (none), Aria, Garritan JABB3.0, and GPO 4.0. COMB 2 is not listed. The other weird thing is that I don't have JABB or GPO4, so I'm not sure why that is showing up on the list.

    I've then opened up Audio Engine Options and hit the rescan button. I then restart Sibelius (which it asked me to then do) and as its loading I get this warning;

    "Fatal Error- An unknown executable could not be loaded. Please contact the software publisher for support using this software."

    All my other V.I.'s are working fine within Sibelius. And if I open up Aria as a standalone COMB is listed and I'm able to load instruments in the player. I've upgraded all the software that is related to this (Sibelius 6.2, Aria Player v1.106, Mac Pro OSX 10.6.4).

    At a loss and need help quick. Thanks!


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    Re: COMB 2 "Fatal Error" (typo edit)

    Hi Ryan,

    It seems your problems are not necessary related to each other.

    1- The COMB 2 soundset for Sibelius is available here:

    2- The "fatal error" you encounter in usually triggered by plugins requiring Pace...
    But to make sure, you can always send us the log files so we can investigate further. Go to Applications/Garritan ARIA Player/ and open Generate logs.

    Éric Patenaude, Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.
    Montreal. http://www.plogue.com

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