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Topic: The Spider (Baritone Sax demo)

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    The Spider (Baritone Sax demo)

    This is a demo dedicated to the baritone sax, for chamber orchestra.

    The Spider

    (The baritone sax used here is from the VSL download library)

    Comments are appreciated!

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    Re: The Spider (Baritone Sax demo)

    You nailed it... I could easily envision a spider lurking/web-building and subduing it's prey.

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    Re: The Spider (Baritone Sax demo)

    Thanks Rixflix! You captured the exact image I had in mind.

    BTW, my music can now be found on:


    I do realize I post a lot, and could get annoying, so I'll try not to post more than one a month.

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    Re: The Spider (Baritone Sax demo)

    More great work! Post as often as you like!
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