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Topic: WillisBub Read this

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    WillisBub Read this

    Thanks for your input but....
    I looked at all of your posts WillisBub most of which have been today. It looks like you are frustrated about something but I must say you
    are making it look like it\'s something personal between you and nemesys, are you a competitor . I personally don\'t think so.

    Anyways I just think you are going way out of the norm. Of the thirteen post you have here 10 of them were all today, they seem to be directed attacks on nemesys and not the program it self(personal) In each instance of your posts there is a jab at them which has nothing to do with gigastudio program. you also seem to be getting ahead of your self. In One of your posts you had to recant your statement because you found what you were looking for. Slow down and check the program thoroughly. Your leaving us all confused Are you positive there is no documentation on how to convert sf files? I have no problems using help or doc files. I prefer them over hard copy manuals.
    My preference. Maybe not yours but hey everyone’s different.
    I can\'t wait to get my paws on it. It supposed to be shipping from northern sound source tomorrow. I\'m sure we will be getting input form other users also.

    PaPa Chalk

    P.S. please don\'t take any of this personal WillisBub. i\'m sure there is a reasonably explanation for your problems.

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    Re: WillisBub Read this

    WillusBub should be banned from this forum. His negativity and belligerent ranting is helping nobody. Excersize your executive power, PapaChalk!! Pull the plug!!

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    Re: WillisBub Read this

    I don\'t think WillisBub should be banned. He has made some excellent points. Nemesys has just about the crappiest customer relations possible (and I\'m being generous here in giving them credit for having *any* customer relations). My credit card was charged for GigaStudio more than a week ago and I paid for overnight delivery. Still no delivery. Nemesys will neither answer my emails or return my calls. You can have the best darn software in the world, but if you can\'t deliver it, or respond to your customers, it\'s useless.

    It\'s really worse than that. What could easily happen is that we all invest a considerable amount of money in this product, only for it to become a dead end. I see no indication from Nemesys that they have the wherewithall to turn this around. At this point, the only thing that would give me a glimmer of confidence is if we soon see a press release saying that they\'ve hired a new support veep (ie. the old one having been summarily released).

    The fact that they don\'t have the know-how to put up a secure ordering page should be enough to make us all very nervous. The fact that all support/sales calls are handled via voice mail should add to the angst. The fact that they never respond to email furthers these uneasy feelings.

    You know, you may not like what you think is negativity, but sometimes the truth isn\'t a pretty thing. Again, this may be a wonderful product, but if Nemesys can\'t get it together real soon, it won\'t matter.


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    Re: WillisBub Read this

    YES !! WillusBub should be banned from thr human race. Who the F--k he think he is ?! Complaining about the sacred Gigastudio on God Papa\'s Forum.

    Damn, this forum is really stupid....

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    Re: WillisBub Read this

    By the way...it will be not the first time I will be banned here....
    Who cares ?
    At least this new nick rules !


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    Re: WillisBub Read this

    Ok we\'ve all had enough of this. This is not the first time this has happened and most of the user on this forum know where this is coming from. It is totally ignorant for any company/forum or person to stoop so low. You are truly showing the type of person/people your are. Every time you enter this site you seem to be ignorant to the fact that it doesn\'t matter how many aliases or which ip you switch or (try to)hide behind, the users and I know who know who you are. I don\'t have to spell it out. so don\'t ask or taunt.
    You are making it loud and clear you have a vendetta against nemesys and for some strange reason Northern Sound Source .
    You have also incriminted yourself by saying you have already been banned. I wonder why.

    Your crass use of words and the name have nothing to do with the previous posts above, they show you to be pent up with anger about something personally with me or northern sound source.

    You went out of your way to re-register just to post something you hoped i would be mad about
    I suggest you go see a therapist instead of using this forum as a way to release your anger due to your own short comings in life.

    To all user\'s who have positive and constructive criticism.
    Pay no attention to these ignorant childish posts.
    I\'m sure there will be many more flaring tantrums .

    lets get back to giga sampling. this forum is not intended for use as a dumping ground on Nemesys music or Northern Sound Source. We are here to help each other with the use of gigasampler products. This is the software section. Any request for new features can be placed in the wish list section. If you have a serious problem which can\'t be answered by anyone here please contact nemesys directly. Remember although nemesys does frequent this site and do answer questions they are not obligated to do so.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: WillisBub Read this

    Dear Papa:

    I apologize if my comments in any way spurred the above poster on. Such was not my intention. It is sincerely my hope that Nemesys can correct the severe problems it has in the PR and distribution areas of its operation because I really do love their software. I do not love the way it treats us... and even you (re: the rumor that floated that you would have GigaStudio long after the official release... they should have squashed that one immediately, but they were silent). I think you do wonderful work here and I really appreciate the forum.


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    Re: WillisBub Read this

    I don\'t think it was your comments that spurred this Cool7s_Dad. I O composer seems to have a pretty good sense on what is happening with this situation. and the reply became a retaliation towards northern sounds.
    thanks for your compliments Cool7s_Dad.

    BTW we are now at over 500,000 hits on our site
    and counting. thanks to you all for coming to this site and refering others to this site. lets head for a million.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: WillisBub Read this

    Hey all,

    Can we please keep this site to what it\'s about, Gigasampler/studio. Nemesys is not perfect so this is a good place to discuss that. But please let\'s do this in a adult manner. Even at a pro company like Digidesign there things are not much better (sometimes even worde).
    I also haven\'t heard from Nemesys yet about my upgrade (I\'m gonna call them later) but hey that\'s the way software seems to be these days I guess it\'s related to us users that do not want to wait longer than 5 seconds (me included) for any peace of software. As for the written manual, it seems to be the way it goes these days. A lot of programs (Logic, cubase) have no written manual (or just a beginners guide). I don\'t like it, but maybe I am just getting old (don\'t hate me for it, but I still read books ON PAPER). Pwewww that\'s of my chest, now I can go back to making music (still with Gigasampler, still rocks)

    Joris Vincken

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    Re: WillisBub Read this

    Hi Chaps

    I would like to say that it never ceases to amaze me that people from rival music technologies or rival music companies take cheap swipes at each other when the real struggle is to get more older and younger people to get into making music in whatever form. If you take that statement to its next conclusion then you have to ask \"who are we fighting against\" and the answer SHOULD BE the playstations and dreamcast and other \"hobbies\" like playing computer games that we (the music industry)compete against.. Not each other. Because a kid who would normally pick up a guitar is now picking up Sega Rally Challenge instead. When that happens we all lose.

    I do lots of work with \"special needs\" people and a few weeks ago I went to see a blind person write their first piece of music on a Cakewalk sequencer it was such an amazing blessing and experience that it puts all this negative rambling into perspective.

    Count yourselves very lucky people


    Sorry if I am going over the top.

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