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Topic: Stormdrum 2 with a pad controller?

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    Stormdrum 2 with a pad controller?

    Hi all...

    Just wondering if anyone else is using SDII with any kind of PAD controller or Vdrums?

    Its really a work flow question....I'm looking for the most streamlined way to do this. I have a Roland SPD30, and sure I can route its 8 pads to any note number I choose.....but that's a lot of work for each and every instrument or sample that I want to use in SDII. Is there a better way to do this? What I would love is to have something set up which is programmed once for my PAD controller. In other words....rather than directing my pads to each of SDII's instruments and individual keys (samples)....I would prefer to direct the voice I want to use onto the PAD, so I do not have to keep reconfiguring the hardware. Does that make sense?

    Any workflow advice for a V-drummer using SDII would be appreciated. I'm having a hard time with PLAY in that there does not seem to be a way to direct individual samples of SDII to the note numbers that I need them to be on. I would like to be able to audition sounds in PLAY, then when I find one I like, I want to use it in a "kit", so to speak, which may include other samples from other instruments in SDII. I get that I can set up a multi.....but still, how do I get a sample on say C3 to respond to my PAD controller which is generating a D2 command (short of continually reconfiguring the PAD controller). Is there a way?

    Thanks for any advice!


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    Re: Stormdrum 2 with a pad controller?

    SD2 does ship with a set of patches programmed for Zendrum. Have you tried working with these?

    EW's Pro version of their player is advertised to have all of the patch programming features you need, but it is still rumorware at the moment.

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    Re: Stormdrum 2 with a pad controller?

    Hi Ron

    I am using a Roland Handsonic 10. Each pad is programable to any midi note and then you may save it as a patch.

    regards John

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    Re: Stormdrum 2 with a pad controller?

    Thanks very much for these comments. I'm using an SPD30, which has the same patch saving and ability to adjust the midi note of each pad. But I was hoping for a more elegant solution. Seems to me there is a missing link for digital drummers.....should be an app, or plug in, or something, that allows speedy mapping of digital pads to whatever note number you need. The way I see it is.....you hit a key on your keyboard, click a learn button, hit a pad on your controller, done. Odd how there seem to be so many similar abilities to map controllers to virtual knobs and buttons in an interface....but not to the keys on the keyboard? For example, Ableton Live has extension mapping mode to almost every parameter......but not the keys!

    Guess I will have to do it the hard way...literally...on the hardware, as halftone suggests.



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