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Topic: Using Multiple Sample Players

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    Using Multiple Sample Players

    How wasteful of memory/resources is it to use multiple sample players in the same piece? I’m thinking of getting the EW Pianos (which are half price), but not sure if I want to add Play to Kontakt and VSL.

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    Re: Using Multiple Sample Players

    I wouldn't let that stop you from getting any of the EW products currently on sale right now. There are incredible bargains, and those of us who bought those libraries a few years ago at 'full' price are shedding tears these days. When loading Play, Kontakt etc., in the same project, load Play before Kontakt and you should be good to go. What's more important is your computer,o/s and the amount of RAM you have. If it's a powerful system, there are ways to handle the software you mention, but if resources are limited, one will have problems regardless of how many, or types of, instruments one loads.
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    Re: Using Multiple Sample Players

    Thanks! I took the plunge.

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