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Topic: Isn't it Great?

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    Talking Isn't it Great?

    In 2004 I ordered the (I believe) first iteration of GPO...it came on 4 CDs and I thought it was just incredible....Now here it is 6 years later and I can download a greatly improved GPO 4.0 in 9 minutes to my desktop! Who says progress is bad?

    I haven't written or dabbled with music in a long time...but its always been a bit of a tonic for me so I look forward to trying it out again!

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    Re: Isn't it Great?


    Come to think of it...it is great!! And you summed it up so well.

    As we progress it is sometimes hard to see the advances we make. In the span of a few years we went from multiple CDs to one DVD to a simple almost-instant download with even more content. Makes me wonder what more the future will hold.

    This community is usually on the cutting edge and always embracing new technology. So it is you who propel us forward and our team that makes this possible.

    I still see these technologies as mere tools for life. As we progress through technological advances, let's not forget... to actually live and to have joy with making music.

    My best,


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