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Topic: Walking In The Air

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    Walking In The Air

    Using GPO4 and Cubase 4 only, I made this little festive piece. Enjoy!


    Any feedback welcome.


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    Re: Walking In The Air

    Very nice indeed, Jamm!

    But I'm curious why DPDan says it has too many non-GPO sounds to be included in the Xmas CD?


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    Re: Walking In The Air

    Very nice, I really liked the crescendoes. Think I may listen again later.
    Things may come and things may go but the art school dance goes on forever
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    Re: Walking In The Air

    Wow, that knocked me out! Great production and surprising power!

    Nice going!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: Walking In The Air

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Jeffrey Gale View Post

    I'm curious why DPDan says it has too many non-GPO sounds to be included in the Xmas CD?

    Jamm's piece is very nice, and I like it! But throughout the piece, various (non-Garritan)
    brass instruments are featured, and some of the percussion is not GPO.

    It is well constructed, arranged and recorded, but the Garritan Christmas CD
    has always been restricted to contain "samples" only from Garritan libraries.
    Live voices have always been allowed, but not sampled voices from a developer other than Garritan.

    If we allowed folks to use samples from any library, there would not be enough room on the CD for all of the tunes submitted. This has always been about Garritan users, using Garritan products, to make Christmas music for this annual project.

    I am sorry Jamm that we could not include it, but I am grateful that you have chosen to share it here with us.


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    Re: Walking In The Air

    Beautifully done... a wonderful adaptation of Howard Blake's
    masterfully elegant writing. Blake's writing for The Snowman,
    far too little heard in my opinion, is easily amongst my
    most beloved popular works.

    Thank you for this fine presentation of it, Jamm.

    I've read that Mr. Blake has created an entire symphonic work,
    The Snowman Symphony, from this material -- to be exculsively
    premiered for the Sultan of Selangor. Whether that has occurred
    as yet, I do not know.

    Perhaps we might persuade you to bring us more of Mr. Blake's
    superb works... you've certainly done a fine job with this one!


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Walking In The Air


    Thanks for all your lovely comments - it's the first time I've posted anything up to be heard on here and it's great to get feedback.

    Erm - how do I put this? Dan, it's all Garritan Orchestra! All of it. I've manipulated a few of the solo instruments as well as a cymbal roll. I'd be very interested to hear which instruments you think aren't Garritan?

    As far as my manipulation went, the most extreme is the lead trumpet. It stared out as GPO's Player 2, compressed in Cubase to within an inch of life, detuned in the Garritan player, re-tuned in a Cubase plug-in and made much mellower with a lot of EQ fiddling and exploding. I've also doubled it up with the SAM trumpet I got with the library 4 update, again very compressed, very subtle, but the mix of them made a good lead I thought. They're also running through a valve simulator which rounds off the starts and ends of the notes to give it some distance. Because there isn't a decent cymbal crack or roll in the regular GPO, I took one of the brighter gongs and EQ'd and sharpened the attack it to sound more tangy and brought it right up front. Granted, it doesn't sound like any of the cymbals in GPO but I asure you it is! And the percussion is running on a couple of tracks, which makes some of the triangle dings etc closer and some further away, to give it a bit of mystical-ness.

    I'm not fussed about it being on your Christmas album (there are rights issues there anyway) but please let me know what you reckon isn't GPO as it's interesting to hear and you obviously know the library very well.

    All the best,

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    Re: Walking In The Air

    Hi Jamm, the brass (mostly the trumpet) has very nice transitions from note to note, with some portamento which is nice, but the realistic results you got were great. Hard to believe you used two samples together at the same time without getting some nasty artifacts.

    If you say it is all Garritan, I will not debate that, there were just more sounds that were not from GPO.
    I would like to get the midi file for even just the trumpet, and tell me the sounds you used to create that.
    What sound did you use for the trumpet mute that sounds like a duck quacking@ 1:41?

    The piano is not the one from GPO.

    You did a very nice job!

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    Re: Walking In The Air

    Haha! Well I'm chuffed that you think so, it's kind of you. Cubase on a gigantic mac (with a whole host of plugs and effetcs) makes Artifacts a thing of the past. You have to be super subtle with your levels to get lots of layers working together and the midi editing at 1/128 is seriously fiddly but worth it I think.

    Duck quacks muted trumpet are Trumpet Solo Straight Mute and SAM Picc Trumpet Solo KS shoved down an octave with plug in called Octovator. I bounced the muted trumpet lines out, reimported and compressed and verbed that audio seperately to get that "trio of muted trumpets in the distance" sound (clearer to hear at 2'32).

    I absolutely promise 100% that it's all GPO only! Including the piano. It's the Steinway Piano that came with the original GPO. I don't have any other ochestral libraries (can't afford them!!) This is one of the reasons I posted the piece up - I was impressed what you can get out of GPO with a little bit of fiddling, layering and squishing. Have you got Cubase 4 (or higher) you're welcome to the whole project file if you like?


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