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Topic: how do you guys use GOS?

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    how do you guys use GOS?

    I have GOS from many years ago and have noticed that people still use it in The Listening Room, and was wondering how? What do you guys/girls load GOS with? Is it Kontakt?

    I am quite new to making music with computers, well making music in general, , so any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: how do you guys use GOS?

    I understand GOS comes as .gig fies, designed for use with the GigaStudio software, which I think many people still use. However, the full version of Kontakt at least will read .gig files quite happily.

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    Re: how do you guys use GOS?

    Thanks, again, Peter. So either Gigastudio or Kontakt? I have GS3 but I do not want to install it on my DAW because I worry about the crashing and compatibility.

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