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Topic: Multiple Instance of GPO 4 with Sibelius 6

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    Multiple Instance of GPO 4 with Sibelius 6

    Hello, first time poster here and I'm hoping maybe someone can help me out. I've done a quick search but haven't found anything pertaining exactly to my problem.

    I'm using Sibelius 6 with Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 and I'm working on a larger piece at the moment which features 21 different instrumental parts, so I need a second instance of the ARIA Player open in order to get the final 5 parts included. I've done so using the Terminal "open -n" command (I'm on a Mac), and I've input all of the parts into the two ARIA Players. When I play the piece back, however, the 5 tracks not on the first ARIA Player don't produce any sound - I'm not sure if this is a memory issue or if there's another step I need to take before getting all 21 parts to play simultaneously, so if anyone has any ideas on how to check and/or fix this it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Multiple Instance of GPO 4 with Sibelius 6

    For those staffs assigned to the second instance, are they transmitting on MIDI channels 17-21? (I'm a Finale user, but I assume it works the same way in Sibelius.)
    Dan Powers

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    Re: Multiple Instance of GPO 4 with Sibelius 6

    The mixer in Sibelius tells the user which track to put each instrument on, so I go by what that gives me. I have tracks 1-4 in the second ARIA Player (which would be tracks 17-20 unless I'm missing something) with the cymbals on track 10 of that player.

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