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Topic: Trilogy Trouble

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    Trilogy Trouble

    Can n1 help explain how to install trilogy on G4? when i attempt to install disk1 I get msg that reads. A disk related error occured while joining the sements. Error ID -61 CopyToDestFile()

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    Re: Trilogy Trouble

    Were Spectrasonics tech support not able to help?? Both Trilogy and G4s are 'old technology now, but if I remember correctly I had that problem one time with Atmosphere, and in response ILIO and Spectrasonics sent me a DVD copy of the program to replace all the individual CDs. So if you are a registered owner of the program, they should be able to help.
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    Re: Trilogy Trouble

    hi there!
    i also had the same issue and i solved it by copying the setup folder to my desktop and running the installation file from there...

    there's another way around since 5 cd's take alot of time to install so if you already had trilogy installed in your system then it must have a folder named trilogy data...

    jus run the setup disk,complete the plugin installation and define a path for the data installation,when it starts installing data,quit setup,it says finish,click yes...then jus drag the data file from ur previous trilogy data folder to the new data folder ..make sure to rename the previous data folder to any name if you want to install the trilogy data onto same location..hope this helps

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