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Topic: Chat

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    Colton and I both miss the Friday and Sunday chats. Having chat open all the time means that more often than not there is no-one to chat to.

    Any chance of getting a regular session going again ? Not necessarily the same time and date but some time when we know there will others on the site.
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    Re: Chat

    I agree with buckshead. We just managed to run into each other in the chat and started discussing the old chat. All that would be needed would be a time that we could aim to meet in the chat to initiate some good discussion.
    Colton J. Provias
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    Re: Chat

    Good idea! Chat is a good way to reconnect, get up to date, and have some fun! Let's start chat again.

    Will Friday work for everyone?


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    Re: Chat

    Although it won't work with my schedule, I say Friday would be good as it works with most people's schedules.
    Colton J. Provias
    Film Score Composer, Location Sound Mixer, and Sound Editor
    Full-stack Web Developer

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    Re: Chat

    For us old retired geezers, anytime of the day or night is good...

    The only thing I have to watch for are interruptions from my mother, who is now 84 and bedridden and I'm her only caregiver, so my chats may be interrupted from time to time (I "mysteriously" disappear on occasion).

    But with that caveat, Fridays sound great to me.

    Arvid Hand

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    Re: Chat

    I have definitely missed the chats. It would be great to start them again! Fridays are still my favorite days.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Chat

    Saturday very early morning would work for me too (remember my location people! ). No promises from over here though!

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    Re: Chat

    Fridays are good here. Not much going on in my social life and at my age.
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    Re: Chat

    And what about our friends in Australia? We can't forget about them, either. I talk with friends in England nearly every day, but I have not had an acquaintance in Australia since several years back when I was studying a Mahler score. I have forgotten the time differential.

    (My friend in Australia sent me a fabulous recording -- actually a full length CD -- by David Hudson on the solo didgeridoo called "Yigi Yigi." It's one of my favorite world instruments. He also sent me a CD of aboriginal music called "Spirit Dreams" performed on a variety of instruments by Ash Dargan of the Larrikia Tribe, Northern Territory.)
    Arvid Hand

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    Re: Chat

    Once this term is over, FRIDAY SNORCHAT could be revived!!!

    But SUNDAY SNORCHAT would be better cuz most of my church gigs would be over by SUNDAY SNORCHAT time.
    Jim Williams
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