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Topic: The Byzantine World of Sonar 8.5

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    The Byzantine World of Sonar 8.5

    You've just bought a 64 bit i7 DAW. You play piano, and you've always used Cake sequencers.

    So you download the demo 64 bit version of Cake, which just happens to be Sonar 8.5.

    You figure it will be like the old days: just get the piano plugins in the right directories and right click on the fx effects button, or otherwise load the soft synth.

    No.... more like fighting for 2 days through poorly written online manuals simply to get this so-called midi sequencer to play a simple midi file via a piano sample.

    Yes, I finally figured it out.... but I'm opening up my old Cubase sx software with the pathetic dongle, which can't be used now, and asking myself... is there anything else out there?

    I mean, what a nightmare....


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    Re: The Byzantine World of Sonar 8.5

    Hi, John - I'm surprised the current Sonar is so difficult for you to figure out if you've "always used Cake sequencers." The basic functioning of Cakewalk/Sonar is the same in this version as it's been for a very long time now. Perhaps your last version was even before the line became known as "Sonar"--?

    MIDI is very simple to use in Sonar 8.5. Insert synth, it appears in the synth rack. If you make the logical choices in the insert pop-up dialogue, tracks are automatically set up for recording MIDI and playing back the synth's audio. That's really all there is to it.


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    Re: The Byzantine World of Sonar 8.5

    On December 8, Cakewalk is releasing Sonar X1, which is supposed to have a greatly simplified interface. I have seen previews of it, and I do believe it will be much easier to use. Although the basic operation of Sonar has not changed significantly over the years, as Randy says, it has added a considerable number of new capabilities, but its operation should still not be difficult to figure out for one who has experience with it already.

    I'm looking forward to the new X1.
    Arvid Hand

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