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Topic: AO and Controllers

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    AO and Controllers


    I would like to know if any of you has a solution for the following problem:

    When playing XFD instruments of the Advanced Orchestra in real time I would like to control both the volume and the tone colour just with one controller. There would be two possibilities to achieve this:

    a) I could duplicate the controller data somewhere and then transform both controller streams to CC1 and CC13 (or 7). Unfortunately Cubase\'s MIDI-transformer does not allow to duplicate controller data - you can only transform it, i.e. if you send in one CC-data, you end-up again with only one CC-data.

    b) I could reprogram my samples so that both the volume and the crossfading react to the same CC.

    And my questions:

    Q1: Do you know of some way to make two controller data streams out of one, either in Cubase or with a help of some utility or even hardware?
    Q2: Is it possible to duplicate a controller stream (in real time) in other sequencers like Logic, Cakewalk/Sonar or DP?
    Q3: Would it be possible to reprogram XFD instruments in AO so that both the volume and the tone colour (i.e. the crossfading) react to the same CC? And how? (Probably a major undertaking...)

    Thanx a lot.

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    Re: AO and Controllers

    Don\'t know about Cubase, Ondrej, but in Cakewalk, you can use the Select | By Filter command to select only the controller info and copy/paste it to a new track. You can then use Cakewalk\'s Edit | Interpolate (search/replace) function to change all of those CC7\'s in the new track to CC11 events. You could then cut/paste the controller info back onto the original track, and that\'d give you the same data for the two controller types. If Cubase has some sort of search/replace feature, you should be able to do the same thing.

    However, if you\'re specifically talking about AO\'s XFD instruments, those use mod wheel info to xfade between the two sample layers. I don\'t know that a search/replace function could take mod wheel info, which in CW has a total range of 16,384 total steps, and dither that down to continuous MIDI controller info, which only spans 128 steps.

    Ed Lima

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    Re: AO and Controllers

    thanks for the reply. Yes, it is very simple to copy a controller in Cubase and change it into some other. But what I meant is to do so in real time.
    What I want is to play and hear the instrument as it\'s supposed to be and not to have to correct everything afterwards. As a classical musician I understand performance as a process of interaction between what I do with my fingers and breath and what I hear. But so far I just always feel more like a programmer than like a musician.

    I am currently writing a work on the classical music and the synthesisers/samplers and one part of it deals with the incapabilities of sequencers. In my view, these products miss some basic features which seriously restrict realistic \"orchestral\" renderings. And I believe that adding certain features would bring us much closer to a realistic electronic orchestra.


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