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Topic: Garritan Music Competition?

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    Garritan Music Competition?

    Hello everybody! I will go directly to one question that has been wandering my mind since a few past weeks.

    I, of course, have heard of the 2004 GPO Music Competition, from which Richard Birdsall was the winner. I heard his piece on the Demos page.

    Are there any chances of another competition (sponsored by GPO, or maybe by some third party) to be held soon? I really, really look forward to participate.

    If so, I just would want to know.

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    Re: Garritan Music Competition?

    Hi, Wolf - Yes, that big Garritan competition is practically legendary now. It happened before I had GPO, before I was involved at the Forum. But through Gary's main site, I became aware of the competition, watched the video, heard the music tracks - a fantastic event.

    Some time ago, Gary expressed the desire to have another competition like that, but it's a major under-taking. Currently Gary's life is very different than it was previously. He's needed to be less directly involved in the running of his business and the Forum so he can focus on being with his wife, Marianne, who has been having health issues. Daily, all of us at the Forum send Gary and Marianne our good thoughts. Visiting the Forum is a constant reminder that they need our prayers and support.

    And so we have a quieter, slower moving Forum now, and extra events like the Garritan Competition need to be on hold for now. But I encourage you and everyone to participate here as much as possible, to keep the Garritan banner flying high.


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