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Topic: Steinway Basic - No Sound

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    Steinway Basic - No Sound

    My Steinway Basic used to work - with the exact same hardware. I just re-installed it after a Windows XP SP3 re-install.

    Nothing in the stand-alone and nothing when loading it as a VST instrument in Cubase Studio 4., (my controller is working fine with other VST instruments)

    Seems to me that when I first installed this software (over a year ago), that I had a similar issue that was solved by selecting something from the "Microphone Position", either the drop-down menu in Cubase, or the box in the stand-alone. However, there are no files to load from the stand-alone, and in the drop-down menu in Cubase, all I see is "Empty Slot 1, Empty Slot 2, " etc. all the way to 128 or so.

    Maybe I botched the re-install? I ran to set-ups, first from a folder called "Garritan Steinway Basic Setup", I ran Win_Garritan_Steinway_1.02.exe, then I ran Win_Garritan_Steinway_1.03.exe (assuming that was the patch) - don't know if that's correct or not. I dragged the security image over the stand-alone, and it seemed to accept and register / activate.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks in Advance,

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    Re: Steinway Basic - No Sound

    Update - I searched and found a folder that contained basic.sfz file that is needed for the "Mic Position" section. I loaded it got a big, long error message from the "Instrument Parser" It contains a long list of Macros that failed to load properly.

    The plot thickens.....

    Thanks Again in Advance Again....
    Ever vigilant,

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    Re: Steinway Basic - No Sound

    My guess is you may have installed an update instead of the full product.
    I'd uninstall whatever you installed, then head over to
    Once you log in you should see version 1.04 available. When you click to download it, you should see that the file is named Garritan_Steinway_Basic_1.04_FULL.zip
    That should with a little luck be enough so everything works for you after installing it.

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    Re: Steinway Basic - No Sound

    Thanks Jeff - just what the doctor ordered. Up and running in both stand-alone and DAW...

    Thanks again Jeff!

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