Am I doing this wrong. Last night, I was searching for some sounds during practice- and found that if you have selected any of the preset fields, then hit search- you only see the results filtered by the preset selections. BUT, if you hit the X to clear the search- in my mind- it should reset all the filters. Instead, it just resets the search field but keeps the filter selections intact. Wouldn't it make more sense for the x to clear it all- or maybe have a clear all button versus the clear search field. I would never think anything of this- but I had the whole group waiting for me to find a sound- and I was frustrated that I stopped the flow of everything.
Or is there a clear all button that I just haven't noticed.
EX: filtered to find only strings- then choose Hollywood as the search field- remembering that I liked that one. Then, I wanted to go and pick Afterglow so hit the X and typed in Afterglow- but pulled no results since I selected to filter for strings.