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Topic: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    I love the fun you create with your music!
    Great work!


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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Quote Originally Posted by voclizr View Post
    This is an incredible piece of work. So much strength and raw emotion covered in this.
    It's a pleasure to associate with a true modern day classical composer as yourself!
    Thanks for the good word, JB.

    One of the things that has me intrigued with the
    techniques in these little studies is the sense of
    solidity that can be developed -- almost despite
    the transparent orchestration. The long, slow,
    overlapping lines seem to bind with the conservative
    harmonic pace to produce a very centered, stable
    space; while the constant tension of close intervals
    brings a certain emotive intensity to material which,
    to the eye, would appear somewhat static.


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Quote Originally Posted by fabiolcati View Post
    O u t s t a n d i n g - - all caps - -
    Ah, Fabio, you are always too kind to me!

    All the best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Hi Theo,

    Quote Originally Posted by FLWrd View Post
    Great use of minor seconds (can't help it, I like them),
    Me, too. I guess that's obvious... lol.

    wonderful, kaleidoscopic textures, well integrated percussion, and it feels as a whole (although it also feels it isn't necessarily finished at the point where it stops).
    There's a third "sister" to Spheres and Persistence of Vision,
    though that did not particularly influence the ending.

    It's more a case of stopping when you've said what you
    have to say.

    Good rendering, too. Listening to the music, I associated the title with Peter [Sloterdijk's Sphären (the German word for Spheres). He takes spheres to compose existence, from very small ones, to very large ones, and they have a foam-like structure, where spheres can grow, and (I guess) explode. I don't know if you know that work (I only have a superficial knowlegde of it), but I can interpret your work as a bigger sphere in which smaller spheres come, clash, and go, weaving an existential tapestry.
    I often don't get into the inner thought process behind a
    piece; but your comments are in the right direction.

    Peter Sloterdijk essentially took set theory, expanded it into
    three dimensions, and applied it to everything from taxonomy
    to psychology as a framework. [Followers of Sloterdijk, please
    do excuse this egregious oversimplification on my part].

    And while his work wasn't a direct influence, it was certainly
    in the back of my mind, as I explored the implications of
    spheres and their roles and interactions in understanding
    relationships of all varieties.

    Ok, that's enough philosophical banter. I liked it. Quality. Period.
    Many thanks for the thoughtful remarks, Theo.

    All my best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Hi Jack,

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhap2 View Post

    Great piece.........The musical engineering connotates a remarkable likeness
    to its title....
    I'm most pleased somebody noticed that... lol. Geometry
    hath its day.

    Love the percussion throughout and the mild dissonances. Also,
    I liked the way you used the "octave" interval between different instruments.
    Layering color across unison or octave between or among
    instruments or timbre groups was a convenient way to "connect"
    different spherical sections [or, on the page, more properly,
    "arcs"]. Initially it was a technical decision; but the aural
    results can be quite pleasing.

    Highly-pitched instruments are so useful in describing "spacial" settings, but
    you didn't overuse them at all; in fact, they lend support to what's happening
    below throughout.
    You're right on that one, Jack. There are several pages
    in the shredder due to my efforts to avoid overuse.

    I am still amazed at the product you create with Finale. Just super mixes
    that sound so real.
    Thanks -- with my old ears, it's a minor miracle that I'm
    able to produce even reasonably good mixes... lol.

    You're always one of my firmest supporters, my friend; thank you for
    your constant kindness!

    All my best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Dear David:

    Great wiriting here !. I always like your works after the last years. Spheres is a unique soundscope. !
    Exelente !

    Have you writing for film ?


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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Hi Yudit,

    Quote Originally Posted by sunbird View Post
    Hi David,

    Listening to your creations always awakens in me visualizations.

    In this piece I could see primeval energies in colors and movements,
    and they expressed what was there before forms,
    as we know them, were created.
    It's always interesting what people take away with a piece.

    Something of a synesthete, that description sounds curiously
    like the thought process while I'm writing. For me, the sounds
    are abstractions of shapes and colors and motion -- and the
    process of writing is translating that onto the page.

    That this process is somehow transparent is intriguing.

    I could also vision it with some kind of stage performance.
    The one I visualized was of a modern dance.
    Someday I'd like to find the time to learn choreography.
    The elements of motion are critical to the way I do things
    (well, in music, at any rate); and I'd love to bring dance
    directly into the design of a piece.

    Yet again, I admire your clean and precise work which at the same time
    is free and boundless…

    Thanks for sharing another inspiring piece!

    I think most would be shocked at what a mess I make while trying to
    get to "clean and precise"... lol!

    Thank you, Yudit, for your listening and your thoughtful comments.

    All my best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Hi Steve,

    Quote Originally Posted by swinkler View Post
    You never cease to amaze and surprise Dave. Outstanding work. I do like the sparseness you've been experimenting with lately and the uncluttered sound stage.
    Thanks, Steve. You know, I used to go back on a piece
    and do hatchet work -- rip out what wasn't needed, in
    so far as that was possible. But that was always somewhat
    unsatisfactory: music is like a skyscraper -- once put
    together it's hard to take out chunks of it without having
    it all fall down.

    Lately, I've been taking the opposite approach -- starting
    with less (far less) to begin with. The result seems to be
    greater purity and focus (I hope).

    I also see you're (or hear rather) that you're doing more with percussion. That's a tough one for me personally. I always feel like percussion is an after thought and that I've cheated the players somehow You're orchestration for percussion is a little more integral with the music.
    I think many of my shortcomings with percussion in the past
    were the result of trying to use traditional approaches... in
    music that is not, in many ways, traditional at all.

    Recently I've moved more toward treating percussion like any
    other instrument (or at least the same way I treat other
    instruments)... every note has got to be thematic in some way,
    the way I write -- and bringing that to percussion, making it
    work for a living, seems to integrate it far better.

    As always outstanding job.

    Steve Winkler
    Thanks for the kind thoughts, my friend.

    All best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Hello Fabio!

    Quote Originally Posted by fabiolcati View Post
    As I love to say, books claim for your reading.
    This morning I bought an anthology of poetry from Friedrich Hölderlin.
    Here’s the first line I read going randomly through the preface:

    ... the sphere that's higher than human, this is god ...

    I wish I would add a deeper comment to the work of Mr Sosnowski,
    but is very hard to me to translate my thoughts in a foreign language.
    However, I wish to thank Theo for quoting the work of Peter Sloterdijk.
    Here’s what I’ve found on Italian publisher’s site introducing the book, in
    Mr Sloterdijk words (hope my own translation is understandable):

    According to the tradition, Plato would have put up a sign at his Academy to warn
    who was not introduced to geometry to approach [...] I wish not to put up Plato’s
    sentence not only to an Academy entrance, but in front of whole life’s door
    A sentiment that resonates deeply with my own thinking:
    There is a fundamental and very beautiful order underlying
    our existence. We fail to appreciate that fully when we lack
    the intellectual tools to perceive it.

    Then, it seems Mr Sosnowski has devoted himself to short compositions.
    May I ask if is he planning to turn back to more extended form, I say a new symphony?
    As I have said too many times, my friend: Time is the enemy.
    I do have a number of large works in various stages -- but when
    they will be completed I cannot say.

    All my best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Quote Originally Posted by John Newell View Post
    Terrific work, David! Could I ask... you did the score in Finale and I assume used the full GPO4. Did you then import the midi file into a sequencer and work with it? Or did you perform the instrumental parts yourself into the sequencer? I cannot imagine doing this just in Finale. John
    Thanks for the good word, John.

    And yes, this is fully GPO4 and Finale 2011.

    I use no other tools or do any other editing of any kind -- just Finale.


    David Sosnowski

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