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Topic: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Terrific work, David! Could I ask... you did the score in Finale and I assume used the full GPO4. Did you then import the midi file into a sequencer and work with it? Or did you perform the instrumental parts yourself into the sequencer? I cannot imagine doing this just in Finale. John

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    Thumbs up Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Absolutely amazing, as ever David. You really are a master of sonic sculpture, of orchestration and of getting the very best out of GPO and Finale.
    I'm not sure whether the SPHERES refer to spherically shaped objects or whether they refer to the more abstract, such as celestial sphere(s), or spheres of influence etc. Whatever you had in mind as you wrote this, it is extremely pleasing on lots of levels.
    I would really love to hear this (and your other great pieces) played by a human orchestra - in fact I'm surprised that it hasn't happened yet - unless I've missed it.
    Bravo yet again.
    Best regards,

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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Another great piece David, but that goes without saying.

    I found the ominous opening followed by persistent tension throughout the piece to be very exciting. The ending, IMO, is very clever; the piece can stand on it's own as is or it can lead to another movement. Nice touch.

    The scope of the piece, à la Webern, is brief and concise but the content rich and engrossing. Bravo, my friend! Well done.

    Never look at the trombones. It only encourages them. Richard Strauss

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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    It's been a while since I last visit the Listening Room (way too long) and so I was very delighted to see a label of "Sonsowski" on one of the top threads - I knew I would be rewarded. And I was. Another great piece you have here. A little more "accessible" than some you've posted but with enough going on to stand many repeated listenings. And believe me, I will give it Many listenings (just finished 4th time through).
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Quote Originally Posted by englishgent View Post
    Just mesmerizing. I couldn't tear myself away. You have such interesting ways of scoring things - I am learning a lot about orchestration.

    Regards to the master chef
    Thanks for the kind word, Owen.

    Like Persistence of Vision, Spheres depends upon very
    sparse orchestration; and the use of harmonic tension
    rather than rhythmic impetus to create momentum.

    These pieces are really little studies of technique more
    than formal works; but I'm pleased you enjoyed...

    All the best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Hi SD,

    Quote Originally Posted by sd cisco View Post
    David! Bravo!!
    An exemplary and elegant piece of music, loved it top to bottom and all around!! Icy and succinct was the piano; time-warping woodwinds and the French Horn and discrete brushes!!, this is a great follow up to PIV! You have the style, talent and grace, to take on and render beautiful, things that might scare the daylights out of ordinary people, and I've seen you do it again and again. Great work David, thank you very much for sharing!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco
    Thank you for such kind comments, SD. As I think
    I mentioned elsewhere, Spheres is a sister-piece to
    Persistence of Vision... with a third "sister" coming
    along when I get a chance to transcribe it.

    While more studies than formal pieces, the general
    technical thrust of these might be said to be "con-
    servation of energy" -- using minimum basic materials
    and a thin orchestral field, while harmonic interference
    carries more of the burden of moving the pieces

    As experiments go, I think I've learnt some interesting
    and useful techniques; yet, at the same time, it's clear
    to me that a little of this goes a long way.


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Hi David, this is the first bit of your work that I've listened to and I was very impressed. The very beginning started off wonderfully. The first minute was quite masterful.

    The emotion in the clarinet throughout is extremely expressive.

    The frequent dissonance provides for an eerie mood that was nicely counterbalanced by the sometimes beautiful peal of the clarinet.

    The percussion, which sometimes stuck on off beats, made for a more realistic sounding performance.

    Great sound stage throughout, particularly at 3:00 - 3:20.

    I'm looking forward to checking out your other work.


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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    David. . . David. . . David. . .

    You're one of the reasons why I can't listen to Top-40 radio anymore! I just can't!!

    I love your style of composition. I love listening to your music. I love how you can take a concept like "SPHERES" and, through your composition, make an image like "large spheres" very visual and real. You're definitely one of my favorite composers. I so admire and respect your gift and talent in writing music. By the way, it's not just that your a wonderfully talented composer. You also have that gift of making those sequenced compositions sound so real.

    Thank you for sharing your music. I thoroughly enjoyed the listen. And, as always, I enjoyed reading the score while listening.

    Cheers to you, David!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)


    I think you have outdone yourself with this work. Absolutely beautiful, and such a superb job of rendering! It is so instructive and illuminating to have the score - there are so few instruments sounding at the same time, so much "blank space", yet it sounds so full, and harmonically clear. Concise, spare, yet richly layered. That is a real achievement. I have listened to this twice - I know I will be back for more.

    I have no idea as to the implications of the title - and it doesn't bother me one bit. This piece is so solid that title or no, I feel the experience fully satisfying.

    Great job!

    All the best,
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: SPHERES - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Hi David, Having listened to several of your orchestral works, I really appreciate your clarity and the sparse textures that you use, to give each instrument a chance to be heard. I do like very much how you use the palette of instrumental colors you choose for each work. There is real imagination and a sense of surprise, as you don't let the ear get tired of hearing one timbre for too long, and the work doesn't become too predictable. They really do "hold the ear." You have created an acoustic space that promotes the clarity of sound that you're after, as well.


    John Newell
    GPO4, Garritan World Instruments, Digital Performer 7.24, Finale 2012, Miroslav Philharmonik

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