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Topic: Installing Strad and Gofriller

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    Installing Strad and Gofriller

    I've just moved over to a 64bit PC, with Kontakt 4.1, and am busy installing everything. I still have my Strad and Gofriller discs, and was wondering if there's a neater way to install them than to use the installer.

    Using the installer there seems to be no way to simply install the content. I've tried it on another machine, and unchecked the boxes for all the plugins and the standalone K2 PLayer, but still ended up with a bunch of crap installed; it still created a Garritan program menu, and a folder in my program files, with empty shortcuts to the player, as well as making a lot of registry entries. Since I'll be using the library in K4 I really don't want all of that - especially since it's all 32 bit stuff.

    Is there a way to use K4 to install the content of the instrument without the old software?

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    Re: Installing Strad and Gofriller

    which version of Strad and Gofiller do you own? If it is the most recent version the easiest thing to do is to run the installer and then remove all the garbage - wish it was not so!

    On the other hand, it was recently pointed out somewhere (here maybe) that these libraries were developed for K2, so you might want to leave the K2 player installed and see if there are any audible differences.

    If you are feeling adventurous you can try wrestling with the registry after copying the files, but me thinks that's more work - and frustration - than it's worth!

    If you go with the installer a quick way to remove the bogus registry entries is ccleaner - it works quite well.
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: Installing Strad and Gofriller

    Thanks Bill, that's the solution I eventually went with. I was hoping to find a way to extract the nkx_info and nki files from the installer package, and then simply point K4s browser at the info file, but I gave up. The problem is I have tonnes of player instruments, all of which want to install slightly different versions of the player - I'll just have to ensure that I point them all at the same folder, so I don't end up with tonnes of 32 bit garbage all over the place.

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