guy m planning to buy this setup for my heavy duty music work
what do u think about the setup feedback will be appreciated
any changes if u think will help plz be free to share ....

i will be using this for video realted film scoring work
so loads of ram and video card is this fine or should i go for more ??

i use Cubase 5 and loads of vst

Intel Core i7 Desktop configuration are as follows,

INTEL Core i7 950 (3.06Ghz speed, 8mb cache, 4.8 QPI bus speed)

INTEL X58O Motherboard


1TB SATA Server Hard disk x 2

DVD Writer

ATI 4650 Graphics Card with 1GB RAM DDR2 x 2

ATX Cabinet with 600W Quite Power supply

Samsung Monitor 20” 2030 X 2

Windows 7 Proffesional OEM Edition 64bit

plzz help getting me a best configuration

thnx in advance