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Topic: Garritan Volume

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    Garritan Volume

    I'm using sonar 8.5,,,all good with it but when I'm using Garritan after playing my recordings Garritan's volume go completely low if not off.....what can be causing that....other than that all sounds work just fine..
    I'm using a M-Audio Delta 1010LT sound card

    Any Idea???????

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    Re: Garritan Volume

    There is a separate Garritan forum here, or you can try the Sonar forum. The only thing I can think of without further information is that you don't send mod wheel (CC#1). When that is off, or low, there is almost no sound. Just insert a high CC#1 value at the start of a track to see if that changes anything. If that doesn't, try loading a Harpsichord or Organ patch, and see if they produce sound.

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