This is my first post to the Listening Area. I have composed a 5 movement work for choir and orchestra with optional dancers. Movements of this work have been performed with great success. The entire work has never been performed at one time. I have attempted to create a GPO version of the work that can be recorded to a CD to allow choirs and dance troops to perform it without an orchestra. I am pleased with the results even though this is my first effort at producing a genuinely listenable GPO performance. I plan to add a harp part to the finished product and need to find a way to increase the master record level without creating distortion.

I am posting it to the listening area in hopes that some of you will listen to it and make some helpful comments and suggestions. The title is Evermore and Evermore. It uses a chant for the prelude and postlude and five of my favorite carols. If the 2010 Christmas album is not yet closed, I want to submit one or more movements for the album.

This is a link to my public page where mp3 or AIFF files may be downloaded. Open either of the folders labeled Christmas Carols and double click the filenames or select the files and click the download button.

Link has been deleted.

Norman J. Nelson