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Topic: Finale and Garitan strings

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    Finale and Garitan strings

    Hi. I'm new to Garitan in Finale. I'm using Finale 2011, and am having a hard time going from pizz to arco, especiallly with contrabass, but sometimes with the other strings as well. This may be an old issue. If so, sorry, but it's new for me. Any help?

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    Re: Finale and Garitan strings

    1) be sure that staves are named properly (do not leave staff names empty). HumanPlayback cannot recognize what instrument is supposed to play if there is no staff name.

    2) text expression for pizz/arco MUST have no playback definition.

    3) sometimes, I find placing an expression a beat or so before it is required gives a more "sure" result.

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    Re: Finale and Garitan strings

    Thanks, Michael. I've checked the settings and they look right. I've tried reloading the keyswitched instruments, and now everything plays arco, but the pizz. articulation has no effect. Someone once said there are only two prayers: help me, help me, help me and thank you, thank you, thank you. Anyway...

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    Re: Finale and Garitan strings


    Make sure you're using the Notation KS instruments.

    Make sure Human Playback is enabled.

    Make two new expressions for pizz and arco -- with nothing but the name.

    Make sure you have the Garritan options enabled in Human Playback's preferences.

    Beware of switching from ordinario (ord.) to pizz. and back. That's incorrect. When changing, one must go from arco to pizz. (and back). That one's driven me nuts a few times.

    If all else fails, see the Finale manual on how to make keyswitch expressions -- and make expressions with the actual keyswitches... which is fairly easy, and valuable to know how to do for other purposes.


    David Sosnowski

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