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Topic: Promised Gift (Original Song)

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    Promised Gift (Original Song) Prior Version

    Update*I uploaded the prior version, the strings dont sound right on my speakers with this one.*

    -Reverted to previous EQ settings
    -Turned mid back down on piano
    -Took out crickets

    Using some new EQ settings on strings I'm not sure about.
    Turned up mid range a lil on garritan steinway.
    100 percent garritan librarys with the exception of crickets, which i threw in for
    heck of it. This is my first attempt at trying to make strings sound good with modulation.
    Really don't know how real strings are supposed to sound. Do they sound ok?
    Looking for any tips, suggestions of just feedback to help me improve use of
    Garritan librarys. Add tips on soundcloud player if you want. I made full quality
    file download available on the soundcloud player for listening. Hope you guys enjoy.


    All the best,

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    Re: Promised Gift (Original Song)


    I would have to say that your strings sound... "not bad".

    And I would like to suggest that you try panning your instruments more. This may help w/ the realism of each instrument. I like to pan instruments by concert stage seating. I think each instrument in your recording sounds a "bit cramped" and needs it's own space to "breathe"; hopefully contributing to their realism.

    Hope this helps... and great job!

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Promised Gift (Original Song)

    Thanks Michael,

    I know I got a long way to go now and needed to hear that.
    Perhaps I also got too much in the same octave?
    Back to the drawing board. I'll work on what you mentioned.


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