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Topic: Finding sounds in Omnisphere

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    Finding sounds in Omnisphere

    I've come to realize that ,while I really love the sounds in Omnishpere , I have such a hard time finding specific sounds I usually don't use it unless I start creating with an Omnisphere sound first. Sort of like the old TB-303 way of doing things. I am not writing to suggest this is an Omnisphere problem at all but to get advice as to how others do this.

    On the weekend I was working with a keyboard player and looking for a lead synth sound like the opening sound on Usher's Yeah. I go to poly synth under category and go thru presets but thats real hit and miss. I type in search-lead and thats a real mix of presets that after going thru 20 or so I have to move on to a different synth

    Let me ask , how would you find a specific sound like this? Any ideas would be apprciated.

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    Re: Finding sounds in Omnisphere

    You started out right by going to Synth Poly, but if you're looking for a specific sound you'll have to be more specific than that. That sound you're looking for is brassy, so choose Synth Brass in the second column in the browser, "Type", to narrow it further. That will show you some patches with the kind of sound you're looking for.
    Glenn O

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    Re: Finding sounds in Omnisphere

    Also, you were in the wrong category. :-)

    Synth Leads are all in Synth Mono category.

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    Re: Finding sounds in Omnisphere

    Maybe a cool new project for Eric (and all of his spare time ) would be to create a "famous sounds" set of patches. Patches programmed to mimick the sounds on hit records like the synclav hit on MJ's Beat It, some of the Gary Neuman leads and strings, some of the Tears For Fears Farilight type of sounds, Toto's soft brass in Africa, etc, etc. (I know I've just dated myself with all of these 80's references...) Name the patches appropriately (without copyright infringements) and badd bing badda boom, you've got a whole new experience in Omnisphere... (and yes there are way better patches in Omnisphere than these listed above...)

    I have to say that Omnisphere has virtually killed every other soft synth I own. I can't even think about buying another synth-type VST as the bar is so darn high with Omnisphere nothing IMHO compares.

    Eric, you are indeed the king of soft synths.... Keep it up!

    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Talking Re: Finding sounds in Omnisphere

    Hey Darren..
    I have to second that in Omni, at least for me, it is absolutely impossible to find a sound that is roughly sketched in my mind. At least if it is for something abstract. So my usual way is "lets click "shuffle" and let god and the angels decide which sounds will be in this project".
    Then I step through the sounds until something hits my ears.
    Fortunately this method really works cause there are a lot of inspiring sounds in Omni and implementing the "preview" and "light" preset possibility makes switching fast enough NOT to switch to a different synth.;-)
    What I really miss are categories which are a bit more archaic: "very slow attack", "slow attack", "fast attack" would be such categories next to "inharmonic" or "harmonic" to be able to exlude the non-tempered playable sounds beforehand if I search for something for layering chords.
    Its early in the morning over here in Germany and my english improves with more doses of coffee..;-) Hope you understood all...

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    Re: Finding sounds in Omnisphere

    Quote Originally Posted by Sid Francis View Post
    What I really miss are categories...
    If you're looking for something particular, you may have to narrow your search a bit and use more than just categories. For example make selections in the other columns, or use the search field, or use File Directory mode. The original poster only needed to make a selection in the "Type" column in addition to the category to find the sound he was looking for.
    Glenn O

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    Re: Finding sounds in Omnisphere

    I already suggested a feature to allow users to swap sounds/tags and this is a good example. If all of us go and find sounds the "sound like...." as a tag and can upload to some sort of user database that everyone can update- that would be awesome.
    But then you have another issue- what about the 98% of the Omnisphere sounds that don't sound like anything hear of before (hahahaha!)

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