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Topic: Passing of a Musical Giant

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    Passing of a Musical Giant

    Hi, everyone...
    It's my sad duty to report the passing of Harvey Phillips, Distinguished Professor of Music at the Indiana University School of Music.

    I have worked with Harvey for almost 40 years, first as one of the few non-music majors admitted to his studio, than as a musical associate and a member of the Board of Directors of the Harvey Phillips Foundation.

    In his day he was the world's greatest tuba player, having given a series of recitals at Carnegie Hall, including the first-ever tuba recital at Carnegie Hall.

    He commissioned hundreds of major works for the tuba and euphonium and is singlehandedly responsible for a large portion of our current repertoire.

    He performed on thousands of recordings, commercials, and TV shows as the first-call tuba artist in New York from the 50s to the late 60s.

    As of this writing, he is the ONLY player of a wind instrument enshrined in the Classical Music Hall of Fame.

    As if that were not enough, he helped Gunther Schuller revive the New England Conservatory, and then assumed his position at the IU School of Music from 1971 until 1994.

    In his "retirement" he continued to manage his Foundation and work for the noble cause of advancing the tuba and euphonium in the world of music.

    Part of the reason I have not been here posting much in the past few months is because I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible during his last illnesses.

    Please click HERE and explore the site to learn about Harvey Phillips's accomplishments. It was an honor and blessing for me to have associated with him and to have helped him advance his musical causes. I will miss him greatly, but I will pay homage to him and his inspirational teaching every time I pick up my euphonium.

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    Re: Passing of a Musical Giant

    "Harvey Phillips" is a name that I have heard ever since I was in elementary school in beginning band. It is sad for us that he is now gone. Rest in peace, Harvey.
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    Re: Passing of a Musical Giant

    So sad... I saw him perform here in Freeport as a guest soloist - A concert you'd never expect someone of his caliber of talent and accomplishments to do, because it was with a no-name small community college concert band. (The director was Andy Hoefle, a former student of Harvey's). (or perhaps just good friends - I forget).
    Anyway -I remember his stage manner as relaxed, friendly and he seemed genuinely interested in giving a good show and encouraging the students. It was such a treat.

    The void he leaves at his passing will take a LONG LONG LONG time to be filled.


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    Re: Passing of a Musical Giant

    While I was a student at IU, I heard Harvey Phillips perform the horn part of the Brahms horn trio on tuba, and it sounded great! That performance completely changed my idea of what the tuba was capable of!
    Dan Powers

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