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Topic: Error: Cannot connect to engine

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    Error - Cannot connect to engine

    I have a Macbook Pro running 10.6.4. I use GPO 4 with Logic 9.

    I had to erase my hard disk and am working on reinstalling everything. I
    made the mistake of installing the latest Aria engine update *before* I
    installed GPO 4 from disk. When I realized my mistake, I installed the Aria engine again, after the GPO installation was complete. When I launched Logic, I got this message:

    "Garritan ARIA Player

    Cannot connect to engine, please re-install."

    I deleted the Aria Player, GPO 4, and the "com.Garritan.ARIA Player.plist"
    preference file. I reinstalled the Aria Player and GPO 4.

    I still got the same error.

    Since the Aria engine I installed was a beta, I thought that it might be the problem. I deleted everything again, reinstalled GPO 4 and then installed the most recent stable version of the Aria engine.

    I still go the same error. I deleted everything again.

    Then I found and downloaded and installed the GPO 4.02 update, as well as the Mac Garritan Aria Player and engine package. I still got the same error.

    Then I tried repairing permissions. I still got the same error.

    Any suggestions? Maybe there's some files I can delete to truly get a fresh install?

    I really don't want to go through the 6+ hours it takes to install Logic 9 again. And I've got a project due.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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    Re: Error: Cannot connect to engine

    Dear future earthlings:

    This problem has been solved. Details can be found in the thread titled:

    "Thread posted from new member AspringCarbon seeking assistance for GPO4/ARIA ASAP
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