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Topic: Omni and Trilian using too much ram when no samples loaded?

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    Omni and Trilian using too much ram when no samples loaded?


    I'm seeing Omnisphere use something like 140 mb of ram in a default patch when no samples are loaded. So even just using the internal synth engine uses a significant amount of ram. And also, the amount of ram needed for each successive instance does seem to decrease at all as it does for many other ram hungry plug-ins. Trilian uses almost as much, about 120.

    Is this normal? If so is it really necessary? Using the internal synth engine, is it possible to change a setting so it doesn't need so much ram?

    Can anything be done to share ram between successive instances as some other plug-ins seem to do?

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    Re: Omni and Trilian using too much ram when no samples loaded?

    Omnisphere uses more resources than most plugins, even before loading samples, for the simple reason that it does more than most plugins. However, we go to great lengths to make sure those resources are used as efficiently as possible. This includes reusing memory when adding a second instance. Subsequent instances only require about half the virtual memory of the first instance. The amount of memory used by an empty instance is a fairly small percentage of your total available memory if you're using a 32 bit host (around 10%). If you're using a 64 bit host, it's basically irrelevant.

    Regarding RAM usage though, it's important to note that RAM is available for reallocation for other purposes. So, Omnisphere might use some RAM to load graphics at start up, but if later you're not displaying that page and you need that RAM for audio processing, the OS will reallocate that RAM for that higher priority purpose. In other words RAM is a fluid resource that can be reused for whatever is needed at the time.

    If however, you're finding yourself running out of memory, Omnisphere and Trilian have a host of features for getting the most out of your available memory. See the Memory Issues FAQ and Memory Management video tutorial at support.spectrasonics.net.
    Glenn O

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    Re: Omni and Trilian using too much ram when no samples loaded?

    Thanks for the explanation Glenn.

    I realize now that yes, Omnisphere does use around half the ram for every successive instance. I had thought that the first instance used around 140 mb of ram as well, but it turns out it uses over 240 mb! That's even worse! 240mb is one hell of a lot of ram for a blank instrument.

    It just concerns me for larger sets in Ableton because Live isn't really so trustworthy after about 2gb ram. I do use the memory server, but it appears that only works for samples not for the plug-in memory, so ableton has to allocate all that ram for the instances.

    But I guess Omnisphere is a modern instrument with modern needs. Hopefully Ableton goes 64 bit some time soon and it will all be irrelevant...

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