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Topic: 69 days - Chilean Miner Rescue Video

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    69 days - Chilean Miner Rescue Video

    Hello -

    I watched in amazement the rescue of the miners in Chile. And when I woke up last Friday a had a song in my head and this is how it came out. It is a very down and dirty mix and maybe someday when I have some more time, I will revisit it, but I kind of like how it all came together. There is something to be said, maybe, for the down and dirty-ness of it with the topic at hand.

    So if you have a few minutes to check out the video, I would love to hear your comments. It was a fun way to vacation from things for a couple of hours and get reacquainted with iMovie.


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    Re: 69 days - Chilean Miner Rescue Video

    nice work! Can't help getting tears to my eyes watching this incredible rescue...

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