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Topic: Garritan 2.2.4 and Logic

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    Garritan 2.2.4 and Logic

    Logic wont see Kontakt 2.
    Latest Kontakt update and latest Logic update
    Anyone have any ideas.
    I have tried opening Logic in 32bit. No luck.

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    Re: Garritan 2.2.4 and Logic

    Hi foggy,

    I have no experience with Logic, but I'll try to shoot this in the dark. I assume you mean that the Logic plugin does not show up. In this case, it might be in a plugin folder that Logic does not recognize. If Logic has a way to manually add plugin folders, try searching for your Kontakt plugin, and adding that folder so that Logic knows where to find it.

    Another possibility: when you installed Kontakt, did you install the Apple AU plugin? Maybe Logic is looking for an AU plugin, but you only have a .vsl or .rtas plugin installed.

    Another thing to try: consider re-installing Kontakt, and specifying where to put the AU plugin if it gives you an option (somewhere where you have other AU plugins that do show up, like a default AU folder if there is one). Also, try installing both 64 bit and 32 bit plugins, if you did not.

    I realize that these suggestions are very abstract, as I don't know the details of the system. Hopefully someone with logic experience will have some more specific tips. If not, consider trying a Native Instruments forum where they should have a more in depth knowledge of Kontakt. For example:

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    Re: Garritan 2.2.4 and Logic

    Thanks Tim, For your advise. Will give it all a go and see what happens.

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