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Topic: A Christmas Snowball Fight (Hecklephone demo)

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    A Christmas Snowball Fight (Hecklephone demo)

    Here's a demo for an instrument not used as much as the other traditional orchestral instrument, however, just as delightful, the hecklephone.

    With this lousy weather in Montreal we've been having, quite depressing, I felt like something more cheerful...

    (The Hecklephone used is from the VSL download)

    A Christmas Snowball Fight

    Comments are appreciated.

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    Re: A Christmas Snowball Fight (Hecklephone demo)

    One of my favorite demos from you. Cheerful indeed, hecklephone sounds great, and btw great piano playing, too.

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    Re: A Christmas Snowball Fight (Hecklephone demo)


    Which piano is it?



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    Re: A Christmas Snowball Fight (Hecklephone demo)


    Absolutely beautiful! Your work, as always, is top shelf. (if one can call it work...)

    Can you comment on the piano you used? Also, how much time does it take you to put together a piece like this. I spent a good 8-10 hours on a Christmas medley this weekend and I fear my efforts pale in comparison.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing talents!


    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Re: A Christmas Snowball Fight (Hecklephone demo)

    Thanks a bunch guys! I had a lot of fun with this one.

    The piano is Vienna Imperial Ty.

    Darren, The composition part took 2 days and the tweaking another day. About the piano, the cool thing about Vienna Imperial is it has the possibility of doing some pretty effective swells through out runs and long cresc. with the 100 velocities, also at the end, the pianissimo worked out good because of the very low velocities. The velocity contrasts really helps to liven up a passage.

    Other than that, it's more of a personal taste thing, I add some exciter from the Vienna Suite, also put some EQ gain on the mid register (around the 6k), helps brighten up the mids.

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    Re: A Christmas Snowball Fight (Hecklephone demo)

    Ahhh... that's what I thought!

    I've every piano library known to man (and a V-Piano) but "Imperial" PLAYED from the V-Piano always has that "something" for this kind of music!

    Again... great work!

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