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Topic: Symphobia Joy

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    Symphobia Joy

    After a month with Symphobia 2 I find I'm liking it more and more. There were no surprises, Project Sam did a great job of listing the complete instrument set and operators manual long before the product shipped. The only question left was...how would it sound. I don't know how they pull off their magic formula, but man, everything in the library sounds incredibly real and full of impact.

    I just finished a very quick turnaround :30 TV promo track (turned out the music they had used from the show was not cleared for promo work). It was a hero theme, and I stacked the Legato horns violins and violas, Legato violins flutes, and Legato horns trombones for the main theme. Talk about a goose-bump combination.

    Symphobia 2 has some of the basic articulations from Symphobia 1 layered in some of the multis, but to get the most out of this library approach I would recommend that both 1 and 2 are needed to have the full range of instruments and enough variation of effects that they don't become too familiar.

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    Re: Symphobia Joy

    I totally concur, and the Symphobias also work well along side other libraries like LASS and EWQLSO, and choir libraries like Requiem. S2 is a very good release, as was S1, and IMHO they are worth purchasing. "I like 'em!" .................frank
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    Re: Symphobia Joy

    I love those legato brass. They sound so epic. Totally worth it.

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