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Topic: transpose newbie question

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    transpose newbie question

    hello all - just bought JABB3 - first post

    I'm really a guitarist so playing with midi is a new thing for me
    I have a little Oxygen 8 keyboard which I'm using to input notes/controller info into Aria

    The question is
    If I dial up a brass ensemble in Aria
    and I match the channel on Oxygen to the channels on the brass instruments on Aria
    Is there any way to transpose the notes - say for just the bass sax in Aria?
    or do I have to copy and edit the midi info with my DAW (which is Sonar 8.5)
    Sorry if this is a silly question


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    Re: transpose newbie question

    Hello Gordon,

    Transposition for brass (or indeed any musical instrument) only applies to written/printed notation for use by a human player. It serves two purposes that I know of:

    (1) to make the music easier to read, avoiding difficult key signatures
    (2) to make different instruments appear to use the same "fingering" for the same notes.

    For a sample player like Aria, and in your DAW, you use the notes at the actual (aka "concert") pitch and don't have to worry about what pitch the instrument is based on when played live.

    But if you wanted to produce a printed score of your finished piece, you could export the midi from your DAW and import it into a notation program, which should dynamically effect whatever transposition is necessary for the instrument you allocate to that track.

    If you were were writing a score out by hand, or you used a notation program which didn't automatically handle instrument transposition automatically, only then would you would have to deal with the transposition yourself.

    Some players and DAWs do have transposition features built in which could for a variety of purposes, such as copying a piece of midi and getting it to play in a different key.

    However, if you are looking to play a piece/part as written for a transposing instrument on your keyboard and record it as a midi track in your DAW, you will either have to transpose it as you play it, or play it "as written" on the keyboard, and then either use the features of your DAW or sample player to permently change the pitch of the source MIDI, or to effect the transposition every time it gets played. The are some MIDI transposing plugins too, I thnk.

    I don't think Aria has any transposition features (I'm still on Kontakt), though I'm sure Sonar will ... you can always just select all notes in the piano roll view of your midi and shift the notes up or down as necessary).

    Hopefully the asnwer you want is in there somewhere!

    P.S. Welcome! and congratulations on your fine purchase.

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