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Topic: frustrated with omnisphere LFO

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    frustrated with omnisphere LFO

    automating the lfo rate on a synced lfo in cubase to change the wobble around on a dubstep sound and im getting verry frustrated with how the stepping works, im using sylenth1 along side, for example a synced lfo in sylenth1 goes
    1/8,1/16D,1/8T repeating that patern every time the lfo rate goes up in speed, in omnisphere however it is ordered completely different in the sense that you have to play through all singles and all the Dots to get to the triplet when i want to be able to do an automation fade from 1/4T to 1/8 and then to 1/8T.

    anyone who can understand this complex problem help would be much appreciated.

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    Re: frustrated with omnisphere LFO

    Use an envelope instead of an LFO since envelopes have a speed parameter that you can modulate in addition to the rate.

    For example, modulate the pitch with an envelope and choose LFO-style envelopes -> UpThenDrop from the envelope presets menu to get an LFO-style envelope modulating the pitch.

    Turn on Loop and Sync. Choose Edit -> Half Time or Edit -> Double Time to get the desired rate.

    Then modulate the envelope speed with the mod wheel. This will give you an LFO which has the rate you selected in the envelope, but you can increase the speed with the mod wheel. If you want it to be 4X faster when the mod wheel is all the way up, set the modulation depth to 0.166.
    Glenn O

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