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Topic: Best Jazz/Pop Brass? Chris Hein? FCH? Something else?

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    Best Jazz/Pop Brass? Chris Hein? FCH? Something else?

    Hey guys,

    I'm sure this has been debated but I am having trouble finding any recent comments. I was thinking about getting Chris Hein Horns volumes 1 and 2 (solo and sections) but have heard some good things about First Call Horns. I hate to admit it but I am hoping one of these libraries would have some section patches that I could use to just add some nice stabs etc. Of course I would eventually want to really dig in and compose with individual instrumentations to get a real big band orchestartion but need will need to learn this over time. It's sort of like comping a string section playing chords instead of doing it like the real pros line by line.

    Any thoughts on a great Brass library that is around $500?

    All the very best,

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    Re: Best Jazz/Pop Brass? Chris Hein? FCH? Something else?

    In my opinion CHH volumes are excellent. You may also wish to consider MOJO Horns, and for solo instruments software like "The Trumpet" works very well. In the long run, I always get the best arrangements by combining individual instruments as opposed to using multi-type horn patches, but multis can be time savers.
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