I have posted my (old) recording of Finale to Gotterdammerung in the Listening Room, but I have all of the original audio clips I used to create it. A couple of people have mentioned to me that it would be worth it to create a re-mix of that recording, but my ears are not what they used to be, which was never good in the fist place after about 1998.

If anyone might be interested in creating their own re-mix of this recording, please let me know about your interest, and perhaps I can create a nice "Do-It-Yourself" kit. The archives that I have total about 2 GB of pre-recorded clips (about 547 of them, I believe) (Correction: There are about 281 of them... I already combined some of them in order to fit onto my archive CDs) that can be put together like a jigsaw puzzle, except that I also have the master "click track" that I used (in .wav format) that sets the tempo and all the tempo changes I used throughout the entire piece.

Again, I simply do not have time to fool with creating a re-mix that would most likely turn out worse than my original because my ears have deteriorated.

If there is any interest at all in creating a re-mix, please let me know here and I can set up a download location where you can access all of the original audio clips I used. I did not want to go to all that trouble if no one is actually interested in it, and Peter Jeffrey Gale has offered to help also to get everything set up, but only if someone has interest in it.

Thank you, and best wishes to all...