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Topic: Some Omnisphere presets

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    Some Omnisphere presets

    Hey ,

    I've put out some more free/donate sounds for Omnisphere . They're available for download here..


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    Re: Some Omnisphere presets

    I think those sounds are very nice, but what really caught my eye was that blue swirly circle! How did you make that?

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    Re: Some Omnisphere presets

    I didnt make it , its a desktop picture , I might try and see if I can replicate it in Photoshop now u mention it .

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    Re: Some Omnisphere presets

    Very nice sounds, downloading for free makes it even more nice.

    a lot of stuff to experiment with, also the other plugings sound great !


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    Re: Some Omnisphere presets

    Thanks Novaburst , yeah free is always good , although u dont get that little rush of handing over the $$

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