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Topic: How do I create ensembles?

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    How do I create ensembles?

    I still try to figure out how to create a good ensemble. I asked this question on another place in the forum, but this seems a problem for others as well. I found this in the manual for building horn ensemble:

    "If you want a Horn section, load in the first, second and third ensemble player (Plr) horns to get your section. A second set of Plr horns will provide the fourth fifth and sixth players. The “overlays” can also be used to make the section sound even bigger, with greater control over brightness at loud levels. Thus, you can create your section playing in unison, playing separate parts or playing divisi with unique expression and phrasing from each loaded instrument."

    I am actually trying to make my own string section because I need to get division parts in my strings, but I assume that the technique is the same for all instruments while building the groups. I found this in the manual but still don't understand what to do:

    "Aside from the standard solo patches and keyswitch patches, Garritan Personal Orchestra includes multiple ensemble string patches, each programmed in a way that allows you to build custom string sections. These ensemble patches are useful in creating unison and divisi lines where control over each instrument in the section is desired. There are buildable ensembles for each member of the string family. For more information on ensemble building, see the previous section on “Building Sections from Individual
    Instruments” in this manual."

    This is what I try to make, Divisi control but how?

    What I don't understand in the above example, is do I load every single instrument in a new midi track in my sequencer or do I need to do it different? Because when building a string group with 14 1st violins, 12 2nd violins, 10 violas, 8 celli and 6 Db, this would mean I need to create ... A LOT of tracks! Is there an easier way to build ensembles?

    It would be great is there were for example patches to choose from in the Aria player that contains a 3 string ensemble, or a 4 string ensemble etc that can be loaded into 1 midi track in my sequencer.

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    Re: How do I create ensembles?

    I think I may have answered your question in your other question here: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...d-string-group


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