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Topic: I'm returning GigaStudio160 to NemeSys

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    I\'m returning GigaStudio160 to NemeSys

    I have posted numerous messages elsewhere on this forum, because none of my experiences give me any confidence in NemeSys\' product.

    1. Their e-mail confirmation system does not work. I spoke with two NemeSys employees, who simply told me that \"We hear it has not been working\" -- and that is all.

    2. Since their e-mail confirmation is not working, I had no idea how much they had charged on my credit card. They have added a \"handling fee\" that I was not expecting to find. But I could not know how much they charged to my credit card until the product arrived on my doorstep.

    3. The \"GettingStarted.doc\" file on the CD will not open on any of my computers using any word processing programs available to me.

    4. The NFX4 plug-in won\'t open because it\'s not a valid Win32 file.

    5. Numerous complaints have been filed about the NemeSys registration system, including me, because I used my middle initial when I installed GigaStudio160, and my last name, which begins with an \"H\" is not filed in their registration system under \"R\".

    These complaints give me no confidence whatsoever that their product is any better.
    I am returning GigaStudio160 to NemeSys, and I will probably switch to the UNITY DS-1.

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    Re: I\'m returning GigaStudio160 to NemeSys

    Type correction:

    The word \"not\" in the last line of complaint number 5 above should read \"now.\" My last name starts with an \"H\" but it is NOW filed in NemeSys\' brilliant registration system under \"R\".

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